In addition to individual accounting and tax services, Preston & Dake, P.C. has experience in a broad range of industries from start up businesses to large organizations.


Preston & Dake, P.C. has extensive experience in the construction industry with one of the managing partners originally working as a controller in the construction industry. We apply the experience we have to help custom tailor a financial approach that puts your construction business in a position for growth. We have extensive experience in percentage of completion.

If you are looking for someone to complete financial statements for bonding, financing, or to bid on a contract, we have experience in dealing with the complex state regulations of surety bonding.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Today, more than ever, manufacturing companies are being challenged to find new ways to please their customers while maintaining strong profit margins. Intense domestic and foreign competition, dramatic fluctuation in commodities and component costs, and unpredictable economic conditions all bring new challenges and opportunities that make running your business more complex than ever before. At Preston & Dake, P.C., we understand these challenges and can assist with the decisions that affect the long-term success of your business.

Health Care

Preston & Dake, P.C. has experience in the Health Care industry with a special interest in small medical offices. We have experience in what it requires to run smaller offices and strong relationships with other consultants focusing on the healthcare industry to help give your offices the tools to push your practice ahead of the competition.

Dental & Orthodontic

Using the experience in the Health Care industry, Preston & Dake, P.C. takes a special interest in Dental & Orthodontic practices in the area. With extensive experience in the intricacies of running all types of dental practices, Preston & Dake, P.C. provides a number of services to specifically target the financial and accounting side of Dental and Orthodontic practices.

Retail and Wholesale

The current economic environment has greatly affected the operations of the retail and wholesale industries. Financial reporting is essential for closely monitoring every aspect of your company. Retailers need strategic business advice that demonstrates how to effectively balance the needs of their customers while operating a profitable entity. At Preston & Dake, P.C., we help small and mid-size retail businesses make informed decisions that maintain their financial goals and grow their business.

Real Estate

The specialists at Preston & Dake, P.C. offer the support and tools that allow you to make sound financial decisions and ensure the financing necessary to further develop your real estate portfolio. We understand the unique tax regulations of the real estate industry and can advise on anything from whether you should take advantage of a 1031 like-kind exchange to how to properly record development of property in order to stay in compliance with regulations and benefit your company the most.

Service Companies

Being a service company, Preston & Dake, P.C. has developed a very specific process on how to most effectively run a services business. We offer services that we have personally perfected and use in our own firm and range from basic tax work to developing specialized employee compensation plans to ensure the most effective and efficient performance from your employees.

Franchising Companies

Franchising companies generally must present audited financials to potential franchisees. At Preston & Dake, P.C. we have the experience to audit financial statements and allow the franchising company to have proper financial statements to protect them against the implications of having improperly reported financials.

Non-Profit Organizations

Today's non-profit organizations are faced with a constantly changing set of challenges. At Preston & Dake, P.C. we understand these challenges and are well educated in the unique tax laws and complex reporting requirements that affect the non-profit sector. Many organizations look to Preston & Dake, P.C. for help in evaluating expenditures, creating budgets and projections, and evaluating employee benefits.

Professional Service Firms

Lawyers, architects, engineers, insurance agents, consultants, and other professional service providers benefit from our advice for improvements to effectiveness and efficiency in their practices. Preston & Dake, P.C. addresses the financial side of the business, the pursuit of new opportunities, and long-term planning. We understand and can anticipate many issues that occur and can help maximize your opportunities for growth.

Restaurants and Bars

Preston & Dake, P.C. has helped many new restaurants and bars open as well as reorganize established restaurants and bars. It's important for these businesses to know that the process to create a profitable business is the same for the informal bar as it is for the formal dining establishment. We work with management teams to help them streamline processes and increase productivity, manage inventory, increase margins, reduce overhead, and streamline processes.