Preston & Dake, P.C. provides all services of a full-service CPA firm for clients in many different industries. Maintaining the best technology in the industry, we are able to custom tailor services to each client to address a wide range of issues from complex business matters to day- to-day accounting questions.

The professionals at Preston & Dake, P.C. are experienced to address the varied and constantly changing needs of our clients. We provide traditional accounting and tax services in order to fulfill the basic client needs of staying in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service, State Governmental Agencies, and financing companies. In addition, we provide consulting services which allow your business to grow and operate more efficiently to provide the best return on your revenues.

We have developed relationship with other professional service companies that can provide additional services outside the scope of our firm's abilities. At Preston & Dake, P.C. we want to become a trusted advisor who you are able to look to for all business and personal needs.

Return your focus to growing and strengthening your business and allow Preston & Dake, help alleviate the stress and time commitment required to manage your accounting and taxes. The following is a summary of the services we provide. Please contact us with questions or for additional information.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services include all activities related to the daily, weekly, and monthly data entry, basic journal entries, and all other tasks normally performed by internal accounting client staff.

Management Accounting Services

Management Accounting Services include tasks normally carried out by CFOs and upper level accounting management. These services generally include:

  • Initial assessment of Client's accounting system and “clean up” reconciliations of accounts
  • Monthly reconciliation and adjustment of the trial balance to ensure that the general ledger accounts reflect accurate balances (See Exhibit A for a detailed list of agreed upon responsibilities)
  • Inform client staff on procedures needed to correctly record entries and close the company's books in a timely matter
  • If necessary, modify accounting software to better utilize the software's capabilities
  • Discuss the software produced financial statements with key personnel to address areas of concern and/or improvement
  • Questions and phone calls that occur throughout the month

The completed work product under these services will be an accurate trial balance inside your computer system, thus allowing you to print your own financial statements.

Preston & Dake, P.C. also offers other specialty accounting services such as less frequent management accounting services, budgets, software conversions/training, business plan assistance, valuations, percentage of completion projects, projections, and other special projects.

Attest Services

Preston & Dake, P.C. also supplies Attest Services for all of our clients' needs. Many times during the normal course of business clients will need Financial Statements compiled or assured by a CPA. Whether our client needs attest work for bonding and in order to land that big job, or getting an extension, line of credit, or new loan from their bank, the professionals at Preston & Dake, P.C. have the experience and technology to provide these services in an efficient and timely manner to get you the money you need. We specialize in Compiled, Reviewed, and Audited Financial Statements.

Tax Compliance & Planning

Both business and individual clients constantly need to stay on top of the ever changing tax law. At Preston & Dake, P.C. we have the tools and the professionals to provide our clients with proper planning to take advantage of any changes in the tax law. Planning along with the understanding of complex tax issues allows for the most advantageous result when our client's tax return is filed.

Start-Up Consulting

Preston & Dake, P.C.'s start-up consulting services provide new businesses the opportunity to gain valuable advice from an experienced professional when starting. Our consulting services consist of aiding in entity selection and creation, IT needs, to choosing a contracter for finish out. With our experience in starting and working with start-up businesses as well as our extensive list of contacts, we are able to help new businesses get off to the right start while saving them a significant amount of money by making sure things are done correctly from the beginning.

Competitive Pricing

At Preston & Dake, P.C. we understand that different stages of a business and personal life require different levels of professional services. We look to have life-long relationships with our clients who can depend on us for fair pricing and quality service when they are in the early stages of development up to the mature stages of life. Our unique pricing structure allows us to service a wide variety of clients in various different stages of development. Contact us and let us determine together what the proper fit of service and pricing is for your business or personal life.